EA contributes to the strategic goals of the Ecopetrol Business Group

Our Goal

Our goal is to become a key player and one of the top companies operating in the deep water Gulf of Mexico in the next decade. As such, EA will be recognized as a highly competitive, efficient, and socially and environmentally responsible company with world class employees.

Terrell Stroud is an accomplished Geophysicist, Oil & Gas executive, and a University of Oklahoma Alumni with more than 40 combined years of Exploration, Development, and International Business experience. He was the recipient of the John A. Norden Scholarship and is a member of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists. Prior to joining Ecopetrol America in 2018, Terrell worked at Shell for 30 years and Apache for 7 years; most of his career has been spent in the USGOM.

Terrell has served as Ecopetrol America's Exploration Manager since August 2018, a position in which he has excelled from his experience, achievements, and leadership. He has significantly influenced the design and execution of Ecopetrol America’s new focused Exploration Strategy, and his leadership has been fundamental in developing exploration opportunities such as the recent successful discovery of Esox. In 2020, a significant volume of prospective resources was added through signing the Strategic Alliance with Chevron, an Operator of choice, and is a testament to his ability to deliver excellent results.

Terrell is committed to safety, environment, integrity, and delivering results through innovation and technology; furthermore, he recognizes the multi-disciplinary Team approach as key to success.
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